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Tango Mattress

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1-2 Business Days

Made in U.S.
Free Shipping
120 Night Trial
Easy Returns
Innovative Design

Decades of design advances have been integrated into Tango’s bed. Tango features a unique 5 layer construction providing two sleeping surfaces. With both Plush and Cushion Firm comforts in one bed you are guaranteed a great nights sleep on the perfect mattress.

Premium Materials

The Tango comes equipped with premium materials and perfected technologies including the temperature regulating cover, Keep Cool Gel Memory Foam, dual comfort layers offering Pillow Plush or Sleep Sturdy and a stabilizing Inner Core.

ECO Friendly

CertiPUR-US certified environmentally friendly foams are used in all Tango mattresses ensuring no dangerous chemicals present a risk to you or the environment.

Made in America

Conceptualized and designed by the big wigs in the American mattress biz.

Free Shipping

Tango ships within 1-2 business days via UPS right to your door.

120 Night Trial

No risk. Try it out for 120 nights, naps and/or Netflix marathons.

2 Comfort Levels

One firmness does not fit all! Take the guess work out of buying a mattress online.

Premium & Ethically Sourced Materials

No humans or ecosystems were harmed in the making of the Tango.

This isn’t your run of the mill memory foam mattress. This is a revolution in mattress design - The Ultimate Double Sided Mattress. We use the best materials and make every effort to go green. Sleep is a beautiful thing. Bed is a BEAUTIFUL thing. We try and keep it that way.

Head of Tango Development

Locally Sourced, Locally Made


We make our Tango mattresses right here in America so we can keep close to our consumer. We produce ethically, pay fairly, hire carefully and use only the top materials. We present you with the best firm mattress and the best soft mattress in one. The choice then shifts to you.

Head of Tango R&D

What Our Customers Think

See the accounts of those who’ve had their dreams realized by realizing the importance of comfort while they dream.

THARUN, Cushion Firm

Most comfortable mattress I’ve owned. Best sleep I’ve ever had

GWENN, Side Switcher

This bed is an indecisive person’s literal dream

Phil, Cushion Firm

Can’t speak to the plush side, but I’m firm mattress kind of guy and this bed is amazing. I do a lot of work in bed on my laptop and I’m always comfortable and well supported. All I need is a good prop up pillow and some strong coffee. All set!

SCARLETT, Pillow Plush

Super easy to set up. Super comfortable to sleep on. Super across the board!

NANCY, Pillow Plush

Me and my husband made a deal. We’d try 30 nights on each side before we decided. It’s been 4 months and we’ve yet to be able to bring ourselves to flip. Oh my goodness… the plush pillow side…

PATRICE, Equal Side Supporter

It’s actually just so nice to be able to NOT have to commit to a decision in stores at the hands of an overeager salesperson working off commission. Fast delivery, easy setup. Even if the bed sucked (which it DEFINITELY does not), it’d basically still be worth it.

SHARIF, Undecided

Brilliant. Why was this not thought of before?

JORDYN, Cushion Firm

I love the cooling effect on the mattress. When you share a bed, this may be the single best offering in existence.

GEORGE, Pillow Plush

Well, there goes my productivity! Thanks a lot, Tango.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will the Tango arrive?

The Tango will arrive at your door compressed and rolled in a box. Inside, it will be wrapped in plastic and ready to be unrolled.

2. How do I set up my Tango mattress?

Bring the box into the room where you would like to set up your new Tango mattress. Place the rolled mattress on your base. This can be a foundation, platform, bed frame, slats or other. Unwrap the plastic and slowly the mattress will begin to take shape. Note it will take 24 hours for the mattress to come to its natural shape and up to 48 hours to fully regain firmness to the foams. While there is no danger of damage in resting on the mattress sooner, we recommend only selecting your side after 48 hours.

3. How do I decide which side is best for me?

That’s up to you! We’ve equipped the Tango with the best option in firm mattresses or soft mattresses. We recommend you sleep a few nights on each side before deciding. The beauty of the Tango is you get to keep both sides – so there’s no pressure.

4. How do I return the Tango if I’m not satisfied?

There’s more than one reason you may not be satisfied in bed. If we have anything to do with it; however, we’ll gladly take our Tango away. We’ll arrange to have it picked up right from your door. There will be no cost for this service and you will be completely reimbursed.

5. Does the Tango require a particular base or foundation?

We recommend a solid surface for the Tango as with any mattress. A standard foundation will suffice; however, any base with coils may adjust the feeling of your Tango mattress. We recommend a platform bed, metal bed frame with a Bunkie Board (flat board resting over the base) or well-constructed slat base. If opting for slats, make sure the slats aren’t too far apart (no more than 3 inches) and that they are not warped.