The last thing you want to do when it’s time to go to sleep is lay in bed thinking about that embarrassing thing you did in the 4th grade. (Seriously though, why were you so obsessed with horses – I don’t understand you past self?). What should be happening as soon as we hit head to pillow is actually falling asleep. And when you own a Tango Mattress, you know that feeling. So, it can be super frustrating when the clock strikes 1AM and you’re still in bed wide awake.

What gives?

Well, first things first, it’s not your Tango Mattress. With cooling memory foam and the two most cozy mattress comforts rolled into one, there’s no chance. The answer really lies in what foods you’ve been eating right before bed. Certain foods, like chicken or chocolate, can make it harder for you to fall asleep at night. So if you find yourself eating right before bed, check out this list of the best and worst late-night snacks.