As a team that’s been in the mattress business for a collective 70+ years, we’ve sold a LOT of them! We’ve watched people jump from bed to bed to bed and as we did, we noticed that a great majority of them ultimately decided on one of two basic mattress feels—the perfect cushion firm mattress or the perfect plush mattress. The debates were never surprising. It was comfort vs. “good for my back.” While the two are far from mutually exclusive, we found these two concepts remained separate in people’s minds and their final decision was rarely one formed in certainty. Then we had a thought. If the eventual choice was something akin to flipping a coin, why not make the solution simple as flipping a mattress?

Enter the Tango

The mattress that lets you choose both options. With one side committed to each best seller, Tango is the ultimate support system.

Each Tango is the result of years of research and refinement. We went through thousands and thousands of experienced prototypes throughout our careers. So when it came to merging the top two best-selling mattress feels into one perfect mattress, we were able to get the recipe right after just 25 prototypes. To really strike the perfect balance, though, we wanted to push further. We scribbled in countless notebooks, drank plenty of coffee, pried into the sleep habits of thousands of people and did vast amounts of product testing—naps, we took lots of naps. We tried out countless materials, arriving at the most eco-friendly, supportive and comfortable mattress duo imaginable. What we ended up with is the gold standard. It’s not just one comfortable mattress, it’s the top two most comfortable mattresses on the market. Designed to meet your sleep preferences, whatever they are.