The Idea

Our team has created hundreds of beds that sold millions of units for global brands. They understand that over 95% of mattresses actually sold fall into one of two comfort feels: “cushion firm” or “plush”. Most e-commerce mattress brands just sell the one mattress feel they’ve decided is best. The problem is, what’s OK for one person is completely wrong for another, leaving around 50% of sleepers unsatisfied. We have the solution.

The Design

“OK” for many is not good enough for us. Tango’s two-sided mattress has two comfort preferences—“cushion firm” on one side, “plush” on the other—so that “just right” feeling is available for over 95% of sleepers. Our proprietary combination of materials provides the same core support for either side, but you get to choose the feel that’s perfect for you.

The End Result

You will LOVE your Tango Mattress. We know this from experience—over 95% of people do. Don’t settle for another person’s interpretation of what’s best. Decide for yourself. We’ve worked hard to make Tango your mattress of choice.

What’s Behind Tango?

Years of Experience and Incredible Support

Our team consists of designers who have built beds for the world’s largest mattress brands and executives who have sold millions of mattresses worldwide. We know what consumers choose to buy and have the data to back it up. That’s why we’re so confident one of Tango’s two comfort feels will be right for you. With a 95% satisfaction rate, you can trust us. We’ve got your back.

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Happy Customers

What’s Next?

Let’s Tango

Setting up your new Tango is so easy you could do it in your sleep. Your mattress usually ships out within 24 hours and arrives at your door in an easy to carry box. Getting it to your room is a breeze. Upstairs? Around corners? No problem. Once it’s in the proper spot, all you have to do is take it out of the box and it will automatically grow into its full form. Tango is ready to sleep on the day you receive it and our money back guarantee lets you snooze without a care.


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