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About Tango

A mattress that offers you a choice in comfort level. The Tango takes all the guesswork out of getting into bed. With two of the best-selling mattresses built into one, you’re guaranteed a good night in bed.

The Idea

After a collective 70+ years in the biz, we couldn’t hear the fruitless comfort vs. support debate anymore. Both the cushion firm mattress and the plush mattress were deemed strong candidates and the decision was rarely one formed in certainty. Then we had a thought. If the customer’s ultimate choice was something akin to flipping a coin, why not make the solution as simple as flipping a mattress?

The Design

Our dual sided mattress is designed with the two bestselling mattress feels in one. With a stabilizing Inner Core separating the two distinctive feels, you now have your pick every night of the week – plush or cushion firm.

The End Result

The gold standard in duo mattresses. Don’t choose once. Choose everyday. Your sleep (and other bed-hosted activities) are the key to your functionality the next day and your overall happiness. Don’t limit yourself to just one choice, when you can have two. It takes two to tango!

What’s Behind Tango?


With over 70 collective years making and selling mattresses, we’ve seen it all. We know what you like, we know what you don’t like and we know what you think you want vs. what you actually buy. We took all of that knowledge and converted it into the ultimate comfort mattress buy. We have the two best sellers in one. No choice necessary, no pickup necessary. It’s easy, it’s effortless and it’s a guarantee in doing our part towards helping you achieve bedroom bliss.


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What’s Next?

We want to improve your time in bed

In designing the Tango, we sought after the most comfortable mattress imaginable with the most convenient service on the market. We wanted our customers to be happy, supported and not tied into a ten year monogamous contract with just one mattress feel. We wanted to go beyond the bedroom with our customer - really work on our relationship.

We know you’re going to love bringing the Tango into your life - and we want to hear about it! Tell us what life is like post-Tango, but feel free to spare us the unsavory details ;)

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